Welcome to the ruby-amt site

ruby-amt is a Ruby library for controlling Intel AMT (Active Management Technology) 5.0 devices (part of Intel vPro). It does this by implementing the client side of the SOAP protocol defined by Intel for Intel AMT devices.

Although there are some free implementations of the client side of the AMT SOAP protocol, none was available for Ruby and therefore I started this project. It aims to provide direct access to all of the SOAP services but will also provide a high-level interface for the most commonly used features.

The latest version of ruby-amt is 0.1.0 and it was released on 2009-10-20.

What is Intel AMT?

Intel AMT (Active Management Technology) is part of the Intel vPro technology and provides out-of-bound access to PCs, computers as well as notebooks. Once Intel AMT has been setup on the target computer, a system administrator can remotely control the computer or get information about, for example, its hardware inventory or its current power state. Since this works in an out-of-bound manner this functionality is available even when the computer is powered down!

As one can easily see, Intel AMT is a very powerful tool. By default you only get a web frontend for the most commonly used functionality. However, AMT also provides access to its whole functionality via SOAP services and this is where ruby-amt comes in. ruby-amt implements the client side of these SOAP services and therefore allows system administrators to include the whole AMT functionality in their system management tools.

For more information about Intel AMT have a look at the Intel AMT website.

How do I get started?

First you need to install the library (see the installation page)! After that have a look at the documentation page which provides some example usage scenarios. For in-depth information on how to use the library go to the API documentation!